Antico Caffè Genovese



Style: Modern Style “interior” (1838-1855)

This historic café owes its name to the Ligurian origin of its founder, Lazzaro Canepa, who opened it in 1838. It has been called the Café Genovese since 1855, and attended by prominent men and women of letters as Grazia Deledda, Emilio Lussu, Antonio Gramsci, D.H. Lawrence, Gabriele D’Annunzio and Salvatore Quasimodo, still represents a meeting point in Cagliari. The café was renovated in the early 1900s in the Art Nouveau style, with the adding of sconces and mirrors on the walls, chairs in Thonet style, cast iron and white marble tables, and two walnut benches. The terrace overlooking Piazza Costituzione, at the foot of the bastion of St.Remy, is bordered by a wrought iron railing forged by the inmates from St. Bartholomew penal settlement. The club enjoys the protection of the Ministry for the Cultural Heritage because of its importance in the history of the city.

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