Chiesa di Sant’Antonio


Style: Baroque

Erected in the first half of the eighteenth century on the chapel of the nearby hospital and convent of the Hospitallers of St John of God, the church was consecrated in 1723.

The temple, with an octagonal plan, is characterized by its great dome, mounted by a lantern, and by the portal of the facade, with a curved frame, which houses a niche with the statue of St. Anthony Abbot ,  protector of domestic animals, portrayed with a stick on his hand and a piglet at his feet.

The ìnterior is characterized by its green plasters, upon which the gilding of the stuccoes and of the Corinthian capitals of the lateral pilasters stand out. The dome tambour, punctuated by round arches, presents rectangular windows which light up the interior. On each side there are three chapels with a barrel vault. The presbyter has a polychrome marble altar decorated with gilded stuccoes, and above the small entrance there is a double manual organ of the Pistoia’s house Agati Tronci. purchased in 1887.

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