Palazzata di Via Roma


Style: Revivalism, Modern Style

The demolition of the buildings that encircled the Marina district – where shops, small restaurants and dwellings were clustered – and the following reclamation of the whole area, constitute a considerable impulse to the creation of the ensemble of buildings on the model of the promenades of other European cities. In 1880 the City Council decided to create a straight road with paved sidewalks, later embellished with a series of multilevel buildings which were the extension of the porticoed axis started by Palazzo Vivanet. The face of the city slowly changed and, as of the mid-‘20s, also thanks to incentives offered by the city administration, many private citizens decided to finish what, to this day, represents for the people of Cagliari the promenade par excellence, where the most popular styles of their planning period mix, from eclecticism to historicism and Art Nouveau. The bombings of 1943 hit some buildings hardly; in the area once occupied by some of these, the Regional Council Palace was built and then inaugurated in 1988.


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