Palazzo Devoto “Ex Banco di Napoli”


Designers: G.Crespi e R.Vanzetti (1931)

Style: Neo Renaissance / Déco (interior)

Palazzo Devoto, previous seat of the Banco di Napoli, now Intesa San Paolo, was realized in 1931, after the demolition of the original seat, which dated back to 1820. The building is on four levels, one of them is at the basement level. The ground floor houses a big octagonal hall in Déco style, and it is characterized by an outstanding skylight made with iron and glass in the same style. The white, yellow, and black marble flooring, with lozenge motifs, matches with the style of the interiors. The monumental facade, characterized by a Neo-Renaissance style, shows a smooth ashlar coating on the ground floor and, on the first floor, the windows are surmonted by triangular and curved tympanums, while, the central balcony has a long balustrade with small columns.

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