Palazzo Rossi


In this building, next to the “Tramer Café”, lived the antifascist writer Emilio Lussu, who was assaulted in h

is flat by a group of “Blackshirts” in 1926. Having killed one of his aggressors, Emilio Lussu was imprisoned, taken to trial and then acquitted on the grounds of self-defence. The Fascist Regime, however, sent him to exile on the island of Lipari. As Lussu wrote in his March on Rome and Thereabouts: “A large fascist formation walked towards my house, claiming my lynching /….

./ The crowd instigated the aggressors who were climbing the windows with a hurricane tone. Somebody reached a balcony. I shot against the first person I saw. The unlucky fellow fell down. The crowd got terrified.”

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