Palazzo Valdes


Style: Liberty

Designers: Ing. Riccardo Simonetti

The palace is located in an area formerly occupied by old shanties and by the “Osteria Valdes” Its realization took place in two different periods: from 1901 to 1915 by engineer Niccolò Mura and in 1926 by engineer Riccardo Simonetti, who extended the building as far as Piazza Marghinotti and gave the facade a curved shape. The most ancient part of the building, along Viale Regina Elena, has a granite and limestone basement, while fired clay decorations in Art Noveau style stand out on the upper floors, with female heads protruding from the window frames. In piazza Marghinotti, the frontside of the building in Neo-Baroque style, has decorations in grit of coloured concrete, with festoon and conches. The other side, located in via Sulis, resumes fired clay ornaments. The building suffered severe damages during the air raids in 1943.

Where it is: