Palazzo Vivanet


Style: Neo-Gothic

Designers: Cesare Picchi – Arch. Filippo Vivanet

In the nineteenth century, the common concept of modern cities envisaged the construction of boulevards to connect historical buildings to railway and maritime station. Via Roma represents, still today, one of the first city boulevard and its arcades are the perfect place to go for a stroll, to have a coffee and to go shopping. The building, in Neo- Gothic style, is the first palace with colonnade and takes its name from the brothers Antonio and Filippo Vivanet. It has got a “U” shape and develops on three floors; its facing is in exposed brickwork, used as ornament in the edges of the pointed arches of the single and mullioned windows, and of the small hanging arches. The central part of the façade shows signs of reconstruction due to the 1943 bombing.

Where it is: