Parco delle Rimembranze


Style: Rationalism (1935)

Designer: Ubaldo Badas

In 1923 there were already 1048 war memorial parks in Italy, founded to remember with a tree every fallen soldier of the World War I. In Cagliari the project of the memorial and adjacent green area was assigned to Ubaldo Badas, a leading exponent of Sardinian rationalism. The entrance is marked by two high fasces, with a granite base where alternating blocks of trachyte and stone from Serrenti were laid, listing the names and dates of the main battles of World War I in raised letters. On the other side of the forged iron railing is the heart of the monument, a red trachyte and limestone exedra, with the names of the fallen soldiers of the World War I. This semicircular area recalls the apse of a Romanesque church also in the choice and laying of the materials, whose colours bring to mind the flashes of the Brigata Sassari. The park is located behind the exedra.

Where it is: