Piazza del Carmine


Located in the heart of the district of Stampace, it still is today an important meeting point. Originally delimited by hedges of prickly pears, in the 1840s the square began its transformation thanks to the unaccomplished projects by Giuseppe Sbressa and Gaetano Cima. The area was marked off only some years later, for the creation of a central garden surrounded by trees, on the model of English squares. Later, its four sides were embellished by public and private buildings which characterize the square: Palazzo Chapelle, the “Satta” School, the Post Office and the Superintendence of Public Works are still today an example of the changes the city underwent between the second half of 19 th and the early 20 th century. In the centre we can admire the statue of the Immaculate Conception, created in 1882 by sculptor Luigi Guglielmi, put on a high pedestal designed by engineer Giovanni Onnis. The position of the statue shifted of about 45° compared to its original one because of the air displacement produced by the 1943 bombings.

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