Style: Neo-Renaissance – Modern-Style (interior)

Architect: Augusto Valente

The building of the Regional Administrative Court of Law, located on the south-west side of Piazza del Carmine, hosted the seat of the “Superintendence of Public Works”, whom we owe important road, hydraulic and harbour works, as well as the many public buildings wanted by the Fascist Regime. With its style, very different from the other buildings around the square, it strikes for its wide arch entrance, its elaborated frames and the shelves of the cornice. The “Board room” located on the third floor is quite important; inside it, in fact, there are four works by Filippo Figari, a painter from Cagliari, dating back to a period between 1928 and 1929 and inspired by themes of Sardinian life and folklore: The Farmyard, The Church, The House and The Village.

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