Chiesa di Santa Maria


Style: Romanesque

The Romanesque Church of Santa Maria in Uta was built in the 12th century A.D. by Pisan workforce. They used calcareous stone with marble, granite and trachyte inserts. The facade is asymmetric, the portal is surmounted by Corinthian capitals, the lunette has a rose carved on it and there is a Gothic bell gable. The perimeter is surrounded by Lombard bands decorated with double and triple arched lintels, supported by shelves with various sculpture decorations. On the south side, the Holy Door is opposite the entrance to the Cloister of the Franciscan Monastery, whose only remaining part is a well with healing water, according to an old legend. The inside has three naves, separated by ancient Roman columns, reused; beneath the altar there are two disfigured lions. The dim light that comes from the single-lancet and mullioned windows once inspired the monks and today does the same with contemporary believers.   

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