Our itinerary


The itinerary we suggest allows you to appreciate a city that between the  mid-nineteenth and early-twentieth century changed its face: the pictures will help us describe how Cagliari has changed in terms of its road network and architecture and will also show its reconstruction after the 1943 bombings.

Having knocked down the medieval walls, the city opens itself to the world: new roads –  inspired by the boulevards of Paris – welcome tourists coming from the railway station or the port and heading towards the squares and main roads dotted with shops and cafés.

The new buildings, both public and private, in line with the architectural language of newborn Italy, were inspired by the Gothic, Romanesque, Renaissance and Neoclassical styles of Italian tradition.

Our tour starts from Palazzo Vivanet and moves along Via Roma, crossing the squares and alleys of Cagliari’s historical districts, where it is possible to admire buildings, churches, cafés and schools, as well as meditate on the devastation caused by World War II.


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